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KFAR provides users with listings of the best personal computer and consumer electronics equipment available at the lowest possible prices. The items that you find on this site come from a wide variety of online outlets and vendors, consolidated here into one giant electronics super-store.

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KFAR was founded two years ago by Thomas and Eric Schief, two MIT students who are true gear geeks at heart. Like most students they were always on a budget, but that didn't stop them from wanting the latest and greatest electronics and computer gear.

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What started as a small dorm room computer project has exploded into one of the most popular electronics outlets online, with thousands of satisfied daily users. Please take a moment to browse our vast selection of products. You will find everything you're looking for; from iPods to PlayStations to the latest in home theater technology, all at the best prices around.

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Need help choosing? If you aren't sure which model best meets your needs or what manufacturer backs their products with the highest level service and reliability, or if you just need a little advice, take a look at some of our in depth consumer electronics shopping guides, or feel free to contact us anytime, 24/7. We're here to help!

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