Site Counter FAQ

How do I set up my free web counter?
Simply place the code we provide anywhere in the <body> of your web page.
Is the KFAR Site Counter really free?
Our counter is completely, absolutely, 100% free! All that we ask is that you include a link back to KFAR for the use of our services.
What if I did not receive my activation email?
First check your junk email folder... If you still can't find it you may request a new one here.
Does KFAR send SPAM email?
We do not send unsolicited emails of any kind. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
What types of counters does KFAR offer?
We offer three types of counter. The first is a graphical counter that displays both daily hits as well as daily unique hosts. The second is a more traditional counter with rotating digits that tracks TOTAL hits to your site. The third is an invisible counter which allows you to track traffic to your website without letting others see your stats.
Can I change my counter?
Of course! Just select a new counter on the counters page and click the 'Update' button. Your new counter code will be shown at the top of the page. Replace the old counter code in your web page or blog with the new counter code and your new counter will be up and running!
Can I alter the HTML code for my counter?
NO. If you alter or in any way modify the counter code provided you will be in violation of our terms of service and we will cancel your account.
Where do I get my counter code?
The counter code that you need in order to make your free web site counter work can be found on the counters page.
What if my counter doesn't appear on my website?
The first thing to check is that the counter code was copied correctly and inserted into the html page(s) you want to count. Next, make sure that you haven't changed the counter code as this can cause the counter to malfunction. Lastly, check to make sure that the page was uploaded to the correct directory on your web server. If none of these steps solve your problem, fill out our support form and we will be happy to help you to get it working.
What is the difference between hits and hosts?
Hits are all page loads that occurred with the counter code on them. Hosts are UNIQUE IP addresses visiting your site.
Can I reset my counter?
If you are using the counter that tracks total visitors to your site you can reset your counter by clicking the 'Reset' button on the stats page.
Can I change the site that my counter counts?
Yes you can by visiting the change site page... However when you change your site, all of the stats data for your old site will be deleted.
What if I lost my password?
You can request to have a new password emailed to you here.
How do I delete my free counter?
Simply remove the HTML code from your website or blog. Please feel free to also send us a note and tell us about your experiences with the KFAR Site Counter.